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The 4WD Debate

The 4WD Debate You have may noticed 4WDs aren’t popular in some quarters. There’s a lot of sensationalism, liberally sprinkled with phrases like “vehicle of mass destruction”, references to apparent insecurities of the drivers and generally the coverage is more about whipping up a bit of good old tabloid outrage than the facts or reasoned […]


A lesson learned

Could this have happened to you?  As told to me by a now rather more experienced offroader: “We were staying at a farm with some friends. On Sunday we decided to drive into the State Forest for a little exploring. After a pleasant hour-long bushwalk we got back to the vehicles around 4pm and decided […]

Cooking Diary, Part 0


Another month and another accident at Fraser Island, again involving a rented 4WD, although one driven by Aussies. Still, doesn’t matter, they’re idiots wherever they come from. Probably loaded the vehicle wrongly, tyre pressures too high and any fool can see those Troopies handle like jellies at the best of times, let alone on a […]

Cooking Diary, Part 1