Reviews, and comments from readers.




Reader Comments

“Just wanted to comment that, so far I only had the time to read a section on tyres, but for the first time I have come across an explanation to understand what the numbers (255/18/60 etc) really meant. I also bought another 4×4 book from a book store downtown, which was $24. On that basis, I would have been happy to pay $100 or thereabouts for your book.  I own a D3 to do some basic off-road driving, but needed a comprehensive knowledge on 4×4, and this book is an invaluable source.”


“I bought this book and think it is really well written on many levels, informative, fun and easy to read yet very comprehensive. Should be a 4×4’rs bible or must have!


“I must say that after winning one of these books last year I’ve been mightily impressed with its content and overall execution. I’ve been offroading for decades and think that everything covered in it is factual and very logically explained. An excellent reference for 4WD’ers of all abilities and experience. Nicely done Robert.”


“I find the new edition [2] much easier on the eye and the photographs have more clarity than the earlier edition. Good job. I shall eagerly read and digest the information.”


“As one of only 70 instructors in the world certified by the International 4WD Trainers Association, I have seen a LOT of 4wd books in my 20 years in the 4WD business. Robert Pepper’s two books are the best (4wd Handbook and 4WD Glovebox”

–Nena Barlow