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Table of contents

This is the 4WD Handbook’s table of contents.

For a general description of what the book covers please refer to the About page.

What a 4WD is and how it works
Ch 1 What is 4WD?
Ch 2 Engines, torque and power
Ch 3 How 4WD works
Ch 4 Gearing and transmissions
Ch 5 Suspension
Ch 6 Weights
Ch 7 Wheels: tyres and rims
Ch 8 Brakes
Ch 9 Electronic driving aids
Ch 10 Vehicle examples
Driving techniques
Ch 11 The basics
Ch 12 Car control
Ch 13 The environment
Ch 14 Bitumen
Ch 15 Dirt roads
Ch 16 Mud
Ch 17 Rocks
Ch 18 Forests
Ch 19 Grass
Ch 20 Sand
Ch 21 Water
Ch 22 Hills
Ch 23 Sideslopes
Ch 24 Snow and ice
Ch 25 Desert dunes
Ch 26 Night drives
Ch 27 Distance driving
Ch 28 Softroaders
Ch 29 Driving for fuel economy
Ch 30 Offroad towing
Ch 31 Unfamiliar vehicles
Ch 32 Recovery planning
Ch 33 Recovery loads
Ch 34 Snatch straps
Ch 35 Jacks
Ch 36 Winches
Ch 37 Tyre chains
Ch 38 Traction devices
Ch 39 Other recovery gear
Gear, accessories and getting started
Ch 40 Choosing a 4WD
Ch 41 Vehicle accessories and modifications
Ch 42 How do I start?
App A Second-hand vehicle inspection list
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