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Camping with a ute service body

I love my ute’s service body!

Here’s how we set up for breakfast. There’s one box for cooking gear, and one for food. We set up two small, light (1kg) stools and put the boxes on a stool each. That’s quicker and easier to set up than a table, and why waste valuable table space with a box?

Taking the boxes out makes them easier to access, and frees up a good amount of room in the service body…which is where we can set up the butane stoves – in a wind-free environment, also right next to the fridge which doesn’t need a slide, saving cost and weight. The door of the body provides some shelter against sun and wind – just need to think about how the ute is parked before you set up. If it was dark, the LEDs in the door also provide light in, and out of the body.

The table is tall, and with the stoves and boxes out of the way, there’s plenty of space to work on a single table. The cook(s) can get to everything just by turning around.

There’s no storage compartments in the body, as everything is in a box which can be removed, stored in a garage and the body’s space used for purposes other than camping. I really like multi-use of everything, a ute should be an ute.

There’s other ways we can set it up like this:

Just some ideas for fellow campers!

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