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Can Apple’s iPhone 14 replace a satellite phone?

Apple have made a revolutionary announcement, and I don’t say that lightly. For the first time, a normal, GSM, terrestrial mobile phone like the ones we live on every day, can communicate via satellites.

Now I need to stress right now that this does NOT MAKE THE iPHONE A SATPHONE. First, the service isn’t available in every country, yet, and second, it’s emergency services text only, not general text or messaging. It’s emergency SOS messaging only.

However, it is an important announcement and in my view is the start of making satphones and sat messagers obsolete. If we look at where T-Mobile and Starlink are going then sooner or later terrestrial mobile phone towers will be obsolete, and nowhere in the world will be a communications blackspot.

If you’re an overlander, remote area traveller, 4x4er or someone who’s just curious, find out what this means for you in the video below:

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