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Reader question – D-Max Towing

Reader question: I am the person responsible for posting the recent question on the caravan and camping forum. Being new to social media, I had no idea what sort of s##t storm I could create! I have read lots of your articles and viewed your videos…they are EXCELLENT! you put things in simple and easy […]

Reader question – Triton towing

“Hi Robert after watching the towing webinar I have ended questioning my selfI own a Mitsubishi Triton MR auto twin cab 4×4 and I’m thinking of buying a Titanium off Road van 18’ single axle as with an ATM of 2880kg and a tare 2200 ball approx 170kg. My Triton weights 2240 kg with fuel […]

Are you a low-vision driver?

Bioptic driving – are you, or do you know someone who is losing their eyesight or born with low vision, and wants to continue to drive? In this interview Robert Pepper talks to me, Belinda O’Connor, founder and director of Bioptic Drivers Australia. At the time I had only been driving for three years and […]

What Russians think of Gaz

My first drive of the Gaz Trackmaster attracted a lot of commentary from Russians, which sent me to Google Translate to figure out what they were saying! There seemed to be a theme emerging, and one viewer posted a comment which really explained to me a lot about Russia, vehicles and Gaz. I’m reproducing it […]

Which Caravan Reversing Partnership are you?

Watching couples back a caravan together is one of my all-time favourite pastimes. You know it’s going well when the driver uses 5000rpm to move the rig three metres! So I’ve come up with a few different models for Caravan Partnership Reversing…which one are you, or maybe another? Remote Control – the spotter directs everything […]