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Lotus-related YouTube channels

Own a Lotus, and looking for YouTube coverage for Elise, Exige, Evora, Emira and more? Here’s a list of channels where the focus is entirely, or partially Lotus. One-off reviews don’t count, the channel has to have some sort of ongoing Lotus focus with current and future content. Got any more? Comment or contact! Channel […]

All about electric vehicle fires

Electric vehicles are taking over the automotive world, and much will change as a result. New ways of owning and operating a car, new thinking, new habits. And new risks. Almost anything can catch fire, including vehicles whether they are propelled by petrol, diesel, or electricity. But what are the actual risks with EV fires? […]

Is a narrow or wide tyre best for a 4×4?

Tyres are always difficult to select because there’s so much choice and offroaders need tyres to perform in a wide variety of terrains. There’s a lot to decide; profile, tread pattern, construction and more…but in this post let’s talk about whether you should go for a narrow or wide tyre of the same diameter. The […]

Why I said no to UNILAD/LADBible Tech for my YouTube content

Today I got this Facebook message: Hey there, my name is X. I’ve come across a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeEEC5eVNCk&ab_channel=L2SFBC-RobertPepper-autojourno We would love to feature it on our UNILAD Tech platforms with full credit back to yourself. If this is something you would like us to feature on our platforms can you submit the video through: www.ladbiblegroup.com/permissions/video […]