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Should offroad trailers be banned?

Every time we head off into the outback the percentage of 4WDs towing something has increased. There are good reasons for the trailer-mania; modern vehicles have power to spare and make excellent towcars, people need (want) to take more stuff on holiday and there’s a thriving trailer manufacturer industry which has spawned an equally active […]

Snatch block loads

If the force required to move the tree is X, and a snatch block is used on another tree to reverse the pull (not shown), then what is the approximate force the winch will produce (Y) and what is the force on the tree with the snatch block (Z) ? a) Y = 0.5 X, […]

Australian 4X4ing for non-Aussies

Every country has its own, identifiable landscapes and I believe each has its own “carscapes” as well.  In the case of offroad tourers the former is a direct influence on the latter, so Australia’s vast distances and open tracks mean the average 4WD is quite different to most other places.  It is always dangerous to […]

Snakes and 4X4s

When you go bush you enter the territory of our native animals, and for a harmonious relationship it’s best to understand your environment. Are snakes feared because they are misunderstood, or misunderstood because they are feared?  The fact is that most of Australia’s 500 snakebites per year happen to professionals or people being silly, and […]

Types of north

The three main types of north are: • Magnetic North – is north as defined by a compass or the magnetic pole of the world. Magnetic north is currently somewhere in the Hudson Bay in northern Canada and is moving northwest at about 40km per year. However, do not expect it to end up in […]