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What is EV charging anxiety?

You’ve heard of range anxiety with EVs, which is where you worry that you won’t have enough range to get to your destination. For those drivers who do short trips in modern, long-range EVs that’s no longer a worry, as if you have say a destination 150km away and at least 400km of range you […]

Electric vehicle realities & myths

Many people are have a negative view of EVs based on incorrect, or outdated information. Conversely, some pro-EV people will take any fact or viewpoint that isn’t absolutely pro-EV and try and argue it away whilst claiming if only we all drove EVs the world’s problems would be solved, and any problems with a move […]

All about electric vehicle fires

Electric vehicles are taking over the automotive world, and much will change as a result. New ways of owning and operating a car, new thinking, new habits. And new risks. Almost anything can catch fire, including vehicles whether they are propelled by petrol, diesel, or electricity. But what are the actual risks with EV fires? […]