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Rated Recovery Points?

Reader question: “Firstly, thank you for your channel, there is some really good information there. I am new to 4wds and have found your videos on winching techniques particularly interesting (I loved physics at school!) I have also sent some of your recent videos on traction circles and understeer to my 3 learner drivers for […]

4×4 Bridle Recovery Forces

This post answers a few questions about the Bridle Forces recovery video: Can you use a bridle for snatch recovery? Yes, you can, provided the bridle is designed for it. Can you use a tree trunk protector (or tree saver) as a bridle? Yes. Is there a maximum length for a bridle? No, but once […]

But MAXTRAX are no good in mud!

First time I heard this I thought it was a one-off. Then I heard it again. And again. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Traction ramps are great in any compression terrain (term I’ve learned from Bob Wohlers). Sure, they are most famous for use in sand, but they work very well in mud too, and the techniques […]