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Electric vehicle realities & myths

Many people are have a negative view of EVs based on incorrect, or outdated information. Conversely, some pro-EV people will take any fact or viewpoint that isn’t absolutely pro-EV and try and argue it away whilst claiming if only we all drove EVs the world’s problems would be solved, and any problems with a move […]

Starlink: official availability map

Starlink, the new satellite Internet system that offers speeds of around 300Mpbs, has just released an official availability map: https://www.starlink.com/map This is what it looks like as of the date of this post: The plan is, in time, to have worldwide coverage. There is also a map of known users which you can find here. […]

Will Starlink replace satphones for 4×4 overlanders?

For many years the remote-communications market has been satphones, messagers and HF radio. The satellite networks of Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Globalstar are old, and aren’t designed for the modern, data-driven world. Now there’s Starlink, which offers incredibly fast high-speed Internet access, anywhere in the world. So, no need for satphones, just use your smartphone, […]