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Checking out a mud bog on a 4×4 track – and de-bogging a caravan

Everyone bar novices and a few crazies hates mud. It’s a real chore to clean, and damages all sorts of thing such as alternators, starter motors, wheel bearings…it’s basically water and grit. Awful.

But, you have to deal with it sometimes, and the video below shows how it’s done. The one after…how it’s not!

WARNING – if you want high-speed wheelspin mud drama, or you love mud, then don’t watch this. If you don’t like mud and don’t want to get stuck it in like the title photo to this post, then do watch it.

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  • by Tony Middleditch
    Posted 22 November 2021 16:44 0Likes

    Robert, near on 40 years ago, a mate with a Daihatsu F10 had a dog.
    What we did with your stick was to throw it into the bog and watch the dog chase it, often multiple times.
    At the time we did not have the option of using a small child 🙂

    • Avatar photo
      by Robert Pepper
      Posted 22 November 2021 16:54 0Likes

      That’s brilliant!!! Except…muddy dog?

      • by Tony Middleditch
        Posted 23 November 2021 21:36 0Likes

        F10 Daihatsu soft top, no carpet or much of anything else for that matter. Dog sat in the back.
        Mine was a Suzuki LJ80 soft top similarly attired!

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