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Do you need a Red Winches RR30 “Bearing Ring”?

We’ve had snatch blocks, then came snatch rings, and now there is the Bearing Ring.

The idea is simple; take the snatch ring and add a bearing to make a snatch ring with two parts, a static outer shell and a sheave that rotates on a bearing. Here it is in comparison to a Red Winches snatch ring and ARB 9000kg snatch block:

Watch the video below for specs, weights, efficiency results and usage recommendation:

Here’s the RR30 on Red Winches’ website: https://www.red-winches.com/product/recovery-ring-rr30/

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the RR50 which is rated for 50,000kg! Remember that these are MBS, so you should for the purposes of offroad recovery operate on 50% of that so 15,000 and 25,000kg respectively.

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