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Ford to release seventh Next Gen Ranger spec level!

Further details on the Next Gen Ranger have emerged from Ford this morning with a seventh variation of the Next Gen Ranger to complement XL, XLS, XLT, Sport, Wildtrak and Raptor. Here’s the specs for the Urban Warrior Power Ranger:

  • 20″ black alloy wheels with simulated beadlocks
  • 35″ mud tyres (4x)
  • Rear disc brakes
  • Rad Red-painted front and rear brake calipers, braided brake lines finished in Blood Red with Perfect Pink bleed valves
  • 3″ flares with simulated bolts
  • MSL: Murdered-Street-Look; darkest legal tint on all windows, blacked lights
  • Electrically automatically raised full-length satin black sidesteps with colour-coded puddle lights
  • 2 x 30″ lightbars, one roof mounted, one grill mounted
  • Matte black front grill
  • Front hubcaps with simulated lockable front hubs
  • Engine remap (20% extra power and torque – note: warranty period reduced by 40% back to 3 years, first 1000 vehicles supplied with dyno printout compared to stock, signed by the engineering team)
  • Transmission remap for permanent Sport mode
  • Streamlined 2/3 width bonnet scoop with serrated edges
  • 4 x tow points, two front, two rear, in Rad Red (note: these are not rated recovery points)
  • 6″ suspension lift, Rodent Racing shocks triple-dip painted in gloss Yehmann Yellow, with 1.5mm of downtravel
  • Stainless steel, rear-facing, raised air intake with “SUCH IS LIFE” engraving, Optional second snorkel on opposite side of car.
  • Polished black steel towbar with drop hitch suitable for jetskis with polished chrome 50mm ball
  • Underbody bashplate in contrast colour with laser cut lettering – “TUFFAS”
  • Oversize sunnies holder
  • 3″ exhaust, mango bent
  • Extra padding on the driver’s door window jamb for comfortable fat-arming, and leather cladding on the gearshift for more comfortable hand resting
  • Colour options of Monster Energy Green or Bhro Black

Due to the chip shortage and COVID supply issues, the Urban Warrior Power Ranger will not come with a transfer case, front propshaft or differential although the cabin 4WD switchgear and dash lights will remain intact. The lack of a front diff also negates the need for a diff drop, whereas the vibration increase caused by the angle of the unis on the rear propshaft just adds to the drive experience.

The Ranger Urban Warrior will be offered with a voucher for six litres of Red Bull or protein shakes, a mention of the owner’s Insta on Ford’s socials, and a year’s worth of gym membership for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but not Tuesday or Thursdays as those are leg days.

This post is not based on fact as it is April 1st. But if you do want facts, watch below to find out why the Next Gen Ranger is probably a better towcar than the PX3.

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