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How to set up a GoPro action camera to record track car laps

If you drive on a racetrack for racing, hotlapping, HPDE, track days, sprints or whatever then it’s a good idea to record your laps. There’s many reasons; it’s fun, and if you analyse the footage or get experts to have their say then you can learn a lot, particularly if you make a major mistake. And some racing series require in-car footage in case of an incident, with penalties if it’s not supplied.

The video linked below explains exactly how to set up a GoPro for in-car use; what you need, the GoPro settings, tips and tricks, power options, and mounts.

In the video I talk about a few items and these are listed below:

  • Ulanzi covers for GoPros – allows access to charge without worrying about the battery coming out or needing to take the cover on/off, or use the Media Mod.
  • Media Mod – useful for power, audio, reviewing via HDMI
  • RAM Mounts – there are others, including from GoPro themselves but I use RAM and cannot vouch for anything else.
  • GoPro – again there are other actioncams, and the video principles will work with them, but my experience is with GoPro.
  • SD card size card analysis and calculator; note what maximum size your camera can take (128Gb, 256Gb) card before you buy it. Use a 256Gb if you can and don’t worry about deleting footage during the day.
  • Racechrono Pro – app based laptimer
  • Harry’s Laptimer Pro – app based laptimer
  • OBD2 explanation – add this to the laptimers for more data

And here’s the video:

This is an example in-car camera regulation from Vic V8s. These are known as judicial cameras as the footage can be used to resolve disputes.

Here’s an excerpt from Schedule D of the Motorsports Australia manual covering cameras on helmets:

And there is more here from Motorsports Australia.

Ute racing Australia camera rules:

In Car Video Camera:

Type is Free. Use of a forward facing video camera is mandatory. The camera shall be recording whenever the vehicle is on track. No external suction cup mounts. (Note this is a QR policy.) Any internal mount shall be suitably robust so as to prevent its coming loose and becoming either a missile or other hazard inside the cabin. Tethers are strongly recommended for suction mounted internal cameras.

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