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How to drive a lowered car across a driveway without scraping

I’m sure you’ve seen, and even worse, heard it. The awful sound of a car nose or underneath crunching and scraping on a driveway or slope. At best, it’ll be a minor scrape nobody can see but you, the owner, know it’s there. At worse, you could damage the vehicle’s front bumper or nose, even potentially break it or rip it right off. The problem doesn’t really affect SUVs, but is a real issue for sports cars, particularly lowered sports cars with long noses which are prone to scratching their noses on steep driveways or gutters.

Is there any way to avoid this awful nose-and-bumper hit, other than parking elsewhere or walking?

Yes there is! In the video below I’ll show you why this problem happens, and how to position your car so you can drive across most driveways without hitting or even scratching the nose or bumper. It’s easy to do once you know how, and lots of people have found it useful:

And in the video I also show a lot of cars doing it right, and some doing it wrong so you can see real-life examples – think there’s one of everything from Ferraris to Alfa-Romeos to Toyotas!

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