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How would you recover this?

So if you had two 4x4s with winches, 8 Maxtrax, a lot of winch ext straps, several shovels, 10 people and a coffee pot, how would you recover this?

That’s the question I asked on my Facebook Page, and many of the responses were just pure gold….

MadMatt 4wd What type of coffee is it and how much do we have? I wouldn’t do a thing till all the coffee is gone.

Dennis Freedman I’d call MacGyver, give him everything I had including the coffee pot, get him to make a helicopter and pull it out that way.

Trav McBarber Start working on the YouTube video 1st, episode 22: ALMOST DEAD IN THE ICE, DID WE EVEN MAKE IT? CRAZY 8 HOUR WINCH RECOVERY !
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John Eggenhuizen Drink the coffee whilst putting all the recovery gear on EBay, sell everything and put a deposit on a new one.
Or put it on EBay, and tell the new owners to collect it.

David Roberts I’d only entertain the idea if it was decafe.

Christopher Pierce That’ll drive straight out, he’s only putting on a show

Dave Challinor If it’s a Toyota, give it a nudge.

Charlie Swartz I would be too busy changing my underwear and praying to say thanks for my survival followed by copious amounts of alcohol to settle the nerves. If it’s still there tomorrow, then I’ll think about recovering it.

Norm Needham I’d photograph it from as many angles as possible, then ask for advice on Facebook.

Dave Miller First I’d grab the balls out of my mouth for simply surviving .. then I’d insta pic #gotflex to all me mates .. third grab whatever is valuable out before the rest of the ice melts … yer walking mate.

Frank Ross Definitely make the coffee and hopefully the problem would be gone by the time I looked back.

Matthew Flanagan Has the screaming about “whose fault the route” is stopped and the cannibalism started?

Stuart Freer Can’t help as I would be on Fraser Island drinking beer. I hate the cold.

Then there were some actual plans….

Fiona McKenzie I’d consult the 10 other people, ask them their opinions. I’d suggest we attach some straps to the maxtrax, bury them deep in the snow to act as ground anchors to the two 4×4’s and attach both winches to the back and winch the thing out backwards. I’d then ask for thoughts and opinions again over coffee then once everyone was happy with a potential solution ensure everyone knew what they were doing!

Rowan Burton Personally I’d set the winches up perpendicular to the tracked vehicle with double or triple line pulls and use the recovery boards as slides to pull the thing sideways away from the crevice.

And from someone who’s actually been there:

Neil Mclean I spent a year or so living/working at one of Australia’s Antarctic bases. (Casey’98). Had a lot of fun. The extra duties I took on included “Route Master” and Search & Rescue (as a first responder).
The route master role was excellent – had to travel all of the over ice routes (incl sea ice routes) a couple of times in the year to see if still safe. Change routes if needed to avoid new crevasses, markup maps and reset GPS waypoints and routes etc. loved it!
The SAR role included good training for vehicle and people recovery. (Back on topic).
Anchors drilled or driven in snow (deadman) and more so ice can hold amazingly well! Wouldn’t be hard to drill a number of anchors into the ice around the vehicle and set them solid!

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