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Life’s too short for boring cars

I’m Robert Pepper, a journalist specialising in 4X4s, sports cars, towing and camping. This is my professional site where you can find out more about what I do and check out some of my work – I make videos, write books, blogs and articles, and maintain an active Facebook page. Here’s my latest writings:

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Toyota's GT86 was released in 2012 and became an instant classic; an affordable, rear-drive, manual sports car that was also
There's no question mark at the end of the "what's he compensating for" trope. Everyone knows what it is; a
Reader question: Hi Robert – thought I'd as you a question please, as you seem to have broad coverage of
Reader question: "Hi Robert. First, just want to say that I really enjoy your videos and the thoroughness of your
Artificial intelligence has been here for a while and it's just getting better and better. Here's a selection of poems
My little corner of the Internet is generally a quiet place. The comments tend to be well-written and interesting. Sometimes
It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a few spare hours. Whatever your opinion of social media, it's

And more about what I do:


My YouTube Channel is where I create videos explaining how things work, techniques to use and plenty more. It’s a bit different to the average automotive channel. I don’t do hyped-up enthusiasm, insincere product promotions or gush about awesomeness. I also interview people with interesting things to say for my webinar series.


I’m proud of my Facebook page where a small but loyal group of people interested in my work discuss all sorts of related topics. It’s a tough crowd at times, so knowledgeable but fair.


I’ve written two calculators, one for towing weights and the other for tyre sizes.


I’ve written four books, and you can find more about each of them on this site:

The 4WD Handbook – a very comprehensive book on offroad vehicles, covering how they work and lots of different driving techniques.

The 4WD Glovebox Guide – designed as a field reference for offroaders on trips, covering key driving techniques and instructions such as tyre repair. The Glovebox Guide complements the 4WD Handbook which is more detailed.

4WD Treks Close to Melbourne – describes twenty offroad trips accessible to all levels of driver and vehicle, each of which is less than two hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia a specialised offroad navigation book.