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Welcome to L2SFBC!

My name is Robert Pepper, and I’m a journalist specialising in 4X4s, sports cars, towing and camping.

I write books, blogs, articles, train drivers and whatever else I find interesting. Welcome to my website! Find out more on the About page, or contact me.

My books

 4WDHandbook_CoverFront2a-250x275The 4WD Handbook


Now into its second major edition, this book explains how 4WDs work and all the offroad driving techniques you’ll need.  It assumes no prior knowledge whatsoever so is accessible to novice offroaders, but has sufficient depth to be an expert offroad reference manual.

The 4WD Glovebox Guide


This book covers the essentials of offroad driving, designed to be used when you’re out on trips.  It complements but does not replace training courses and more detailed reference books.

4WD-CTM-Cover4WD Treks Close to Melbourne


4WDCTM is a collection of twenty 4WD treks that all start within a couple of hours drive of Melbourne’s CBD.

The “yellow book”, GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia is out of print and I have no plans to revise it as technology is such that these days there is little demand for explanations of navigation. However, while the tech in that book is now out of date, the descriptions of basics such as lat/long, UTM and datums are still very much current.

Where I’m writing now

At the moment I’m spending most of my time writing for Motofomo where I post regular car reviews, tech pieces, news and explanations. I also have a Facebook page and YouTube channel.