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LC300 pricing and more specs revealed

Toyota has released pricing and more specs for the LC300:

Here’s the range and pricing, exclusive of on-road costs:

GX: $89,990 – centre diff lock, brake traction control
GXL: $101,790 – centre diff lock, brake traction control, MTS (Multi Terrain Select, Toyota’s adaptive terrain system)
VX: $113,990 – centre diff lock, brake traction control, MTS
SAHARA: $131,190 – centre diff lock, brake traction control, MTS, power fold rear seats, heated second row seats
GR SPORT: $137,790 – front and rear cross-axle difflocks, MTS, E-KDSS
SAHARA ZX: $138,790 – torque sensing rear LSD, MTS

There’s now two top models, the GR Sport focused for offroad, and the Sahara ZX.

We get only the 3.3L V6 diesel (227kW @ 4000rpm/700Nm @ 1600-2600rpm) with a 10-speed auto, not either of the petrol engines. The tyres on the GX are 245/75/17, and the rest are 265/65/18 except for Sahara XZ on 20s.

All trim levels get LED headlights, Toyota Safety Sense including adaptive cruise control and AEB. There’s a 9″ display on the GX and GXL, with 12.3″ on grades above. The fuel tank is now 110L (80 main, 30 sub) compared to the 200’s 138L total. Only the GR Sport gets the swaybar-disconnect system which is E-KDSS.

Below is a table showing tare weight and payload:

GXGXLVX/ SaharasGR Sport

As you can see, payload is up (mostly) from the 200’s 610-710kg due to the lower unladen weights despite a lower GVM. Towing is 3500kg braked, 750kg unbraked. No TBM, but would expect 350kg.

Stay tuned for more LC300 news soon as I can get it….in the meantime, here’s a flashback to the LC200!

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