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Who can weigh my caravan/trailer in Australia? List of mobile weighbridge professionals

I have produced a lot of content explaining how towing works; what the weights are, what causes sway, offroad driving and much more. There’s also a calculator to give you an idea of likely weights for your rig.

But nothing will replace careful measurement of your rig on a set of purpose-designed scales operated by a professional, and some personal explanations of the results. So, here’s a list of organisations that will do exactly that for you.

My suggestion is to review my content first, use the calculator, and then get your rig weighed. You’ll get most out of your investment that way as the subject of towing weights is complex, and not possible to fully explain in a short session.

Note that these organisations offer weighing services, not necessarily towing training which may include a bit on weight theory (hopefully) but not actual weighing.

IMPORTANT: the mobile weighing industry is expanding and there are many operators who do not fully understand what they are doing and give honest but incorrect advice, such as insisting the TBM be 10%, not calculating weights correctly, not weighing on hard and level ground, and saying things about laws when there is nothing in the legislation to back up the statement made. I cannot determine exactly who is giving the wrong advice and who is not, so my suggestion is that you independently educate yourself and use the operator merely as a source of weight data, not necessarily advice.

What to expect from your weigh operator

  1. Scales calibrated every year or as required by manufacturer, whichever is less, with certificate on website;
  2. Uses at least 4 scales;
  3. Explains GVM, GCM etc accurately, doesn’t just provide you the numbers;
  4. Checks limits carefully eg sometimes a car’s max tow is limited by the towbar or hitch fitted, and there is often variation in max tow depending on transmission and engine;
  5. Can provide references;
  6. Takes care to weigh on a hard, level surface as even a slight slope or soft ground throws the numbers out;
  7. Has contacts with engineers for modifications as required;
  8. Understands that weight important for legality, but for stability weight distribution is more important;
  9. Does not insist on 10% TBM (there is no perfect TBM, it’s very situation-specific so without drive tests you cannot say what it should be);
  10. Provides a written report with measurements and explanation. Report includes at minimum:
  • Measurements of weight on each axle (note: some carmarkers do not provide axle loads because they simply do not appear to understand the importance)
  • Margin to limit (axle loads, ATM, GTM, TBM, GVM, GCM)
  • Effect on rear axle load of TBM (which isn’t simple – watch this)

You should be prepared for bad news.

Also see this on the newly-formed MWAA, Mobile Weighing Association of Australia.

What not to expect

  1. Towing training
  2. Complete explanation of towing, dynamics and weights; there simply won’t be time. That’s what you can get from looking at my work ahead of time! Then you’re in a position to have an informed conversation in even more detail with your expert, as opposed to them spending time on the basics.

If you operate a professional trailer/vehicle weighing service complete with advice, contact me for inclusion.


WeighstationAnywhere in Victoriahttps://weighstation.com.au/
Be Weight SafeAnywhere in Victoriahttps://beweightsafe.com.au/
Weigh MobileAnywhere in Victoriahttps://www.weighmobile.com.au/
Geelong Caravan WeighingAnywhere in Victoriawww.geelong caravan weighing.com.au


Get-A-Weigh Mobile Vehicle WeighingServicing the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas of NSW.0460 634 616
CheckWeight Mobile Caravan WeighingCovers NSW https://checkweight.com.au/
Ezi-WeighGold Coast and Northern NSWhttps://www.eziweigh.com.au/
CheckWeightNewcastle, NSWhttps://checkweight.com.au/
Coffs Coast Van Weigh Service – Mobile Caravan & Vehicle Weighing ServiceCoffs Harbour & surrounds, NSWhttp://coffscoastvanweighservice.com.au/
Weigh Me RVBathurst area, NSWhttps://weighmerv.com.au/
0420 364 066
TruWeighNSW, ACT, QLDhttps://truweigh.com.au/
02 8003 7066
Mobile Safety WeighingNSW, Coffs Harbour0411 258 115


WeightcheckMobile Caravan and Vehicle Weighing
Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast
David Lewis
Phone : 0477897700
Mobile Weight CheckOperates in Brisbane and surronds.mobileweightcheck.com.au
Western WeighToowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe and The Darling Downs in Qldhttps://www.facebook.com/Western-Weigh-113145657049067/
Shane Cartwright
Phone : 0438506929
Ezi WeighGold Coat Mc, Qldhttps://www.eziweigh.com.au/
Weight RiteBased in Mackay, also servicing Townsville. Can offer GVM upgrades.https://www.weightrite.net/
0428 626 221
Towing Performance CentreBased in Brisbane in the suburb of Geebung. Complete towing performance shop, owned by Cruisemaster who make towing parts.https://towingperformance.com.au/
07 3624 3822
Van Weigh TownsvilleVanWeigh operator in Townsvile.https://vanweightownsville.com.au/
0408 491 724

South Australia

Tow Mate
All SA(08) 7228 6862
Your Mobile WeighbridgeAll SAhttps://www.yourmobileweighbridge.com.au/

Northern Territory

The Territory WeighAll NT.https://www.territoryweigh.com.au/
Shane Shewring
Phone : 0459972832


Weigh ForwardAll Tasmaniahttps://weighforward.com.au/

Western Australia

Aussie WeighWAwww.aussieweigh.com.au
0401 716 122 – Mark Potts
Caravan Weighing WAWAhttps://caravanweighing.com.au/
0419 915 841 – Mark Baxter
Vanweigh Caravan Weight CheckPerthhttps://vanweigh.com.au/
0429 080 444  

ACT / Australian Capital Territory / Canberra

TruWeighDivision of Olsen’s Tours & Training, specialist in women’s towing/4×4.https://truweigh.com.au/
02 8003 7066

Don’t forget my many videos on trailer towing, weights, and sway…they contain explanations you tend not to find elsewhere. Three examples:

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  • by Adrian Corker
    Posted 22 October 2022 08:15 0Likes

    Hi Peter great website and good information for caravaners, seen a lot of bad set-ups in my time of travelling and I’m passionate about educating people about the dangers of towing. I run a weighing business in Mackay and service Townsville and Cairns, would love my business listed on your website. Regards Adrian Corker

  • by Michael Paul
    Posted 5 November 2022 07:21 0Likes

    Hi Robert.
    I run coffs coast van weigh service
    We are a mobile weighing service working from port Macquarie up to Yamba.
    Can you please add us to your list.

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