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Magazine Reprints

Some of my (printed) magazine work

Interesting the way we have moved from print to web and now to video. But anyway, here’s some examples of my print work where I’ve written the words and taken the photos. I do that because as a technical writer I need precise imagery, and it’s easier to do it myself.

Image12 Electric 4X4s!
LRW-best-icon Which Land Rover is the best offroad?
patrol-icon Nissan Patrol Y62

The old favourite is not the new favourite.

OVE-D3vD4 Discovery 3 vs Discovery 4 Roadtest – is the upgrade more than just a more powerful engine?
Evoque-MagIntro2 Evoque Offroad – does the smallest Rangie live up to the badge on its bonnet?

(originally published in 4X4 Magazine, September 2012)

LRW-RRS-Elise-cover Range Rover Sport vs Lotus Elise – two of my favourites of all time.
OVE-Touareg Volkswagen Touareg Roadtest – could this the optimal blend of on and off road ability for those in the market for a premium car?
OVE-Terracan Terracan Suspension– the aftermarket vs the factory upgrades.
OVE-GPSR Offroad GPS Receivers – all you need to know.
OL-SuspDev Suspension Development– how the aftermarket designs and delivers suspension.
OVE-Lowrange Low Range Lowdown – how much of an advantage is a low box?  A Suzuki Grand Vitara takes on a Land Rover Freelander 2 to find out.