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Racetrack Mistakes

There’s plenty of mistakes made on racetracks, and they can end up rather expensive or painful. So I’m analysing a few in the hope of helping myself, and others not make those same mistakes again!

1. Lotus Elise Oversteer

The first one is one of my own. What mistake was made to enter an oversteer condition, and how was it recovered? And why is it harder with a mid-engined car?

2. Porsche 911 Spin

Same track, same corner..but the 911 spun. Why, and could it have been saved? Or was it actually saved?

3. The most common mistake!

4. Sharing the track

Just be nice.

5. Oversteer again

Oversteer is a leading cause of crashes. So here’s another look at it :

6. Front-wheel drive understeer

7. Mid-engined kerb spin

There are more mistakes in the Traction Circle, Oversteer, and Understeer videos which I may pull out into this series too.

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