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Should GWM unleash the Big Dog?

This little SUV is, oddly, called the Great Wall Motors Big Dog and GWM are thinking about bringing to Australia.

The Big Dog is a softroader, so no low range and limited clearance. There’s 2WD and AWD versions, all powered by a 155kW petrol turbo motor with 325Nm of torque. Transmission is a 7-speed DCT, the drivetrain is BorgWarner/Haldex, and impressively, the vehicle can tow 2000kg which for its class is great as the the full-sized spare. Dimensions are 4620mm long so about the same size as the likes of Hyundai Tucson.

I think one appeal will be its distinctive styling – it’s a great looking car, inside and out, and boxy with it so more room that some of its curvaceous peers. And if GWM price it as per their usual super value-for-money strategy, and offer their 7-year unlimited KM warranty…then it could be a real winner!

Check out the TFT instrument panel, and huge integrated touchscreen. I like the Wrangler-esque colour highlights too, but the Jesus bar is overkill!

I didn’t get to drive the car, but to be honest most of these small SUVs are pretty samey and the attraction tends to lie in the style and design.

There’s two decent seat pockets at the back, somewhere costs are often cut. And everything feels pretty well built.

So what do you think, would you want the Big Dog in Australia, and what price would you pay?

Have a watch of my video for a closer look at the Big Dog.

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