What’s the difference between the 4WD Handbook and the 4WD Glovebox Guide?

The 4WD Handbook is designed as a complete reference manual for understanding how 4WDs work and how to drive them. It is extremely comprehensive, going into detail on how things work and why you need to use certain techniques for certain terrains.

The Glovebox Guide is designed as a field reference, or as a supplement to a training course. It summarises much of what is in the Handbook, but doesn’t have the space to explain why or how. For example, a chapter on terrain driving would be two small pages in the Guide, but several bigger pages in the Handbook with much more explanation, examples and detail. The Handbook also has chapters that the Guide doesn’t, for example how to drive new vehicles, towing offroad and accessories.

The Guide includes some field-specific information not found in the Handbook such as navigation and tyre repair.

In short, the two are complementary. If you had to own one, get the Handbook, but you’ll find the Guide a useful supplement.