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The Stories of Cars – Motorclassica reborn as Motors & Masterpieces

In late 2022 I attended the now-defunct Motorclassica show and lamented that it was essentially Cars and Coffee in a nice house with a more expensive than usual cars.

None of the cars displayed told their stories, no interesting factoids were divulged, just the car as art. Now that works for a free Cars and Coffee with random entrants, but not when you have the finest automobiles in Australia concentrated into one place and you’re charging a decent price for entry. Expectations are then higher.

Out of the ashes of Motorclassica has now risen Motors and Masterpieces, which is claimed to be:

Motors & Masterpieces is a celebration of the greatest engineering and design achievements in everything automotive, spanning from the inception of motoring to the boundless possibilities of the future. Over 200 meticulously selected motorcars and motorcycles will be showcased, organised into six thematic exhibits that reflect significant evolutionary stages and cultural settings. 

Could this finally be a realisation that there can be more to a car show than simply displaying the car? We’ll have to see, and I hope that these ‘over 200’ cars have interesting stories, and those stories are told, and six themes are more than just six areas of a large shed. I intend to attend, and will report!

I don’t have a classic car video, so here’s one on F1.

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