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This is a really good point about special editions

This is a really good point about special editions


Another day, another special edition something-or-other. Usually it’s a ute, sticker-engineered with decals to become a Black Edition, because black is cool, right? Oh, but there will be the odd chrome (or black) panel, maybe new wheels, throw a lightbar at the front, maybe a tonneau cover at the back, then write it up as a special, limited-edition lifestyle truck with $15,000 worth of tuff must-have extras for just $2000. Or just make some post-build changes like Nissan did with their N-Trek Warrior; suspension, tyre diameter, and well, that’s about it.

Then I drove the Great Wall Tank 300, and one of my YouTube followers made this really good point:

I don’t think anyone at the press event really understood what they had. Didn’t see, or hear, one mention of any of the offroad goodies on this thing; twin lockers, crawl control, turn assist, 17s and AT3s….none of that made it onto the very brief spec sheet and if it was talked about, I missed it so the PR effort actually didn’t promote what it could have…an interesting contrast to PR efforts which promote stuff that isn’t impressive such as stickers and plastic add-ons (#tuff #lifestyle #value #spareme).

I’ll never understand the world of PR, not easily explained like simple things such as how cars work!

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