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TruckFriendly – how caravanners can share the road with trucks

Caravans are heavy, big, and slow compared to a car by itself. This brings them into conflict with another set of road users who are also drive heavy, big and slow vehicles…truck drivers. But there’s significant differences between caravanners and truckies, who have restrictions that include:

  • deadlines; vanners don’t usually care too much about time, and if they’re late, there’s no financial penalty;
  • regulations; truck drivers have to deal with a huge amount of regulation such as maximum speeds and time behind the wheel;
  • stops; trucks are restricted as to where they can, and cannot stop.

Ken Wilson started TruckFriendly to educate caravanners about the harsh realities of the trucker’s life, and in this interview he talks to me about the program so far, what carvanners need to know, and what needs to happen. Definitely recommended if you tow a caravan and wish to harmoniously share the road with truckers…and you should!

TruckFriendly on the web

Truck Friendly on Facebook

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