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Videos for the Truck Friendly Safe Caravan Towing Manual

Hello – you’re here looking for videos to go with the Safe Caravan Towing Manual by Truck Friendly. Here they are, either click the words in the list below, or scroll down to find your video, and don’t forget the Towing Weights Calculator:

Videos for Truck Friendly’s Safe Caravan Towing Manual

Your towing weight limits explained – 8 limits you need to know.

Effect of towing weight distribution – what happens when there is too much towball mass for example?

The rear axle weight limit trap – why towball mass affects rear axle load the way it does

The front axle weight limit trap – the effect of accessories on front axle loads

Tyre age – how to tell the age of a tyre

Tyre pressure – correct tyre pressure for towing

Effect of hitch heights on towing stability – why you should tow level

Yellow hooks – are they legal?

Does a GVM upgrade affect your tow rating – yes, and no.

How does electronic trailer stability control work – both car based and trailer based systems.

Trailer Sway – what it is, how to recover

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