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Welcome, 4WD Glovebox Guide Reader!

You’re here because you scanned the QR code on the third edition of the 4WD Glovebox Guide. So here’s some more information to go with what you’ll read in the Guide:

The 4WD Glovebox Guide page

The Guide Page where you’ll find updates and errata, if there’s any, and the quiz answers explained.


On my YouTube channel there are numerous videos expanding on topics you’ll have read about in the Guide. Here’s some:

Transmission Windup

Differentials Explained

Towing Weights

What not to do in ruts

Brake Traction Control

SUV, CUV, 4X2, 4X4, AWD..what do they all mean?

Choosing your line in a 4×4

The single biggest snatch block myth

The Circle of Traction Explained

What you don’t know about bridles

4×4 Tyre Repair