Want to buy the 4WD Handbook, Glovebox Guide or 4WD Treks Close to Melbourne?

Of course you do! The books can be bought at many bookshops as well as shops specialising in 4WD and outdoor equipment. You can also find it online:

  • Australia & International
  • New Zealand
  • Aussie driver training organisations reselling The 4WD Handbook or Glovebox Guide
  • Special note for 4WD Victoria club members and instructors

Note: as of September 2012 The 4WD Handbook is back in stock!

If you can’t find the book locally, get the Ironman version which is the same book but with an Ironman inset.   Find it at your local Ironman shop.  The Ironman part number is IBOOK001.
Australia & International

 New Zealand

The 4WD Handbook will be available at places that normally stock Boiling Billy publications:

Aussie driver training organisations

The following training companies resell The 4WD Handbook, usually at a discount if you take one of their courses:

4WD Victoria Club members and instructors

The 4WD Handbook and other Boiling Billy publications are now available through 4WD Victoria! Clubs can provide these great books to their members at a discount, and at the same time create a small revenue stream for themselves and 4WD Victoria.  Here’s the deal:

  • clubs can order book quantities at a wholesale price for their members through 4WD Victoria
  • the final club member price is up to club and their decision on markup, but would typically be around $40 (discounted from $44.95 RRP)
  • special offer for club instructors and above; purchase direct from 4WD Victoria for $35.

Contact office@fwdvictoria.org.au for details.


If you are a retailer, online or otheriwse and sell this book then please contact me to be added to this list.