Some of the magazine articles I have had published, in PDF format.

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Image12 Electric 4X4s!
LRW-best-icon Which Land Rover is the best offroad?
patrol-icon Nissan Patrol Y62

The old favourite is not the new favourite.

OVE-D3vD4 Discovery 3 vs Discovery 4 Roadtest – is the upgrade more than just a more powerful engine?
Evoque-MagIntro2 Evoque Offroad – does the smallest Rangie live up to the badge on its bonnet?

(originally published in 4X4 Magazine, September 2012)

LRW-RRS-Elise-cover Range Rover Sport vs Lotus Elise – two of my favourites of all time.
OVE-Touareg Volkswagen Touareg Roadtest – could this the optimal blend of on and off road ability for those in the market for a premium car?
OVE-Terracan Terracan Suspension– the aftermarket vs the factory upgrades.
OVE-tyres Tyre Gallery– lots of data on every 17″ tyre as of 2010.
OVE-GPSR Offroad GPS Receivers – all you need to know.
OL-SuspDev Suspension Development– how the aftermarket designs and delivers suspension.
OVE-Lowrange Low Range Lowdown – how much of an advantage is a low box?  A Suzuki Grand Vitara takes on a Land Rover Freelander 2 to find out.
TrailersOffroadPart1 Offroad Trailers Part 1 – how offroad trailers work and how to drive them.
TrailersOffroadPart2 Offroad Trailers Part 2 – how offroad trailers work and how to drive them.

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