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  • What’s a good gift for a car enthusiast?
    Car people generally own everything they need, and want. And they are very particular about exactly what sort of gear and modifications they want. This makes them hard to buy gifts for…so I’m here to help. Here’s a list of gifts which are easy, cheap and 99% guaranteed to make the car lover in your […]
  • Why the EV charger in the Nullarbor makes a lot of sense
    Doing the viral rounds is a short video by Macca showing the EV charger in the Nullarbor, which runs on diesel. The posts sharing the video most follow this logic: “You’re powering an EV by diesel, therefore there’s no point to the EV, may as well have a diesel car” Then add a few lolz, […]
  • What problems are Suzuki JB74 Jimny owners seeing?
    Pick a car, any car, and you will find someone with problems. That’s just a given, but it’s not a cause for concern unless you start to see a pattern of similar problems across many owners. And that’s exactly what owners of JB74 Jimnys started to see. One of my readers sent me this note: […]
  • Why does EV range decrease with larger wheels/rims?
    Electric vehicle range – how far you can travel on a charge – is a hot topic and as ever, the exact range figure will vary depending on the model of the car and even how it’s optioned, let alone how it’s driven and where it’s driven. One surprising factor that affects range is wheel […]
  • How fast is a pro racecar driver compared to a normal driver?
    This is a post to support my Journalist vs Pro Racer video with more information and data that wouldn’t fit in the video which is already nearly half an hour! If you’ve been track driving for a few years, you know the feeling. You finish a lap, and it’s a personal best (PB) or close. […]
  • What is EV charging anxiety?
    You’ve heard of range anxiety with EVs, which is where you worry that you won’t have enough range to get to your destination. For those drivers who do short trips in modern, long-range EVs that’s no longer a worry, as if you have say a destination 150km away and at least 400km of range you […]
  • Can Apple’s iPhone 14 replace a satellite phone?
    Apple have made a revolutionary announcement, and I don’t say that lightly. For the first time, a normal, GSM, terrestrial mobile phone like the ones we live on every day, can communicate via satellites. Now I need to stress right now that this does NOT MAKE THE iPHONE A SATPHONE. First, the service isn’t available […]
  • Overheating synthetic rope? Reader question
    A reader writes: Thank you for your in-depth videos,A topic that I have not seen is the overheating caused by overuse of the winch (which is very easy to do) and how steel vs. synthetic cable responds to it.One aspect is that the steel cable can act as a heat sink on the drum and […]
  • How not to present a theory deck
    Ever seen these? Arse Narcissism – “I’m just going to turn my back on you now and mumble to the screen. Enjoy the view!” Tunnel vision – the instructor who can see only the one person in the audience who is smiling and nodding out of sympathy, not the other 99 who have fallen asleep/gone […]
  • Who can weigh my caravan/trailer in Australia? List of mobile weighbridge professionals
    I have produced a lot of content explaining how towing works; what the weights are, what causes sway, offroad driving and much more. There’s also a calculator to give you an idea of likely weights for your rig. But nothing will replace careful measurement of your rig on a set of purpose-designed scales operated by […]