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  • Should I buy an LC300 or Silverado 1500 for towing?
    Reader question: Hi Robert, been watching your videos on towing, very helpful. I am confused about one thing though. After watching your video “what I should tow with” we had a LC300 on order and a van that will come in right on 3.5T fully loaded. After watching that video we cancelled the LC300 and […]
  • A 2000km, 3 day roadtrip in an electric vehicle
    Electric vehicles are the way of the future, like it or not – the European Union has just mandated zero-emission vehicles from 2035 onwards, other countries are doing the same, and all the carmakers are phasing out petrol/diesel propulsion. So as an automotive journalist I need to understand and report on what’s going on to […]
  • Why was the McMurtry Automotive Speirling EV so fast at Goodwood?
    By now everyone’s seen the amazing McMurtry Speirling electric car blitz the Goodwood Hill Climb record in 39.08 seconds, beating the record set by a F1 car, and driver Max Chilton reckons there’s more in it as he learns how better to drive what is a new type of vehicle. But why is the Speirling […]
  • INEOS AsiaPac chief talks all thing Grenadier
    Development of the INEOS Grenadier is complete, and owners are being asked for deposits. So I thought it’d be a good time to talk to Justin Hocevar, INEOS’s AsiaPacific chief, about INEOS, the Grenadier and plans for Australia. Here’s the chapter list from the video: 00:00 introduction to Grenadier, Justin 03:15 Target market for INEOS […]
  • Offset and track myths
    Many people are going to change the wheels on their car either for performance or looks. Here’s some reasons: fitting of wider tyres (mostly a benefit to roadcars) lighter weight (e.g. forged vs cast) lower or higher profile; 4x4s typically go higher profile eg 17s over 20s looks cost – OEM wheels are really expensive […]
  • Fuso Canter 4×4 vs Ford Ranger
    Run out of space or payload on your 4×4 ute or wagon? How about a light truck? I took a test drive in “Wombat”, Getabout Training‘s Fuso Canter FGB71 4X4 which boasts a tray length of 3.4m vs the Ranger’s 1.8m, and a payload of around 2500kg compared to the Ranger’s 950kg. Sound good? It […]
  • The Project’s caravan sway video
    The Project has tackled the problem of caravan sway in this video: It’s great to see that the problem is getting national media attention! Unfortunately, some of the advice in the video is not just wrong, but potentially deadly. So, I’d like the video to be deleted, and remade with the correct advice (this is […]
  • Suzuki Australia refuses pre-rego GVM upgrades for Jimny
    Everyone’s short of payload these days as we’re taking more, and heavier gear on our touring trips. Once you start adding up the numbers it doesn’t take long before you’re at the limit of what the vehicle can carry, and for the tiny Suzuki Jimny that’s only around 340kg. Consider the weight of two people, […]
  • I was wrong and how I fixed it
    There are two reason I am a journalist. The first is because I enjoy figuring out how things work, then explaining them so others can understand, all in the name of safety – be that towing, 4x4s, recovery, or fast cars. All those pursuits have inherent risk. I believe a solid understanding of how things […]
  • What I’ve learned about track-driving a mid-engined Lotus Elise
    If you asked any enthusiast to name the best vehicles ever for driver reward then you could be sure that the Lotus Elise would, if it wasn’t first choice, at least place in the top three. Which is why I own one. But what exactly is driver reward, and why would you care? For reward, […]