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  • Simple things to get right for modern 4×4 designers
    Designing a modern 4×4 is a very difficult task, but there’s a few things which are about as easy to get right as do wrong, so please carmakers, do it right! Switchgear location INEOS have put the offroad switchgear in the roof of the Grenadier.  In my latest video, I disagree. I want it easily … Read more
  • Who can weigh my caravan/trailer in Australia? List of mobile weighbridge professionals
    I have produced a lot of content explaining how towing works; what the weights are, what causes sway, offroad driving and much more. There’s also a calculator to give you an idea of likely weights for your rig. But nothing will replace careful measurement of your rig on a set of purpose-designed scales operated by … Read more
  • Why is there a such a big difference between 4WD club training and sports car club training?
    Ever thought about why driver training exists? There’s just one reason, and that’s to reduce the risk of incidents, damage and problems. You look at what’s likely to go wrong, and you train accordingly. I’m involved with both 4WDs and sports cars, and the difference between the two cultures endlessly fascinates me, but that’s for … Read more
  • Nissan Z Proto: Quick Drive Review
    Nissan’s latest and last petrol-engined Z car is simply called the Z, and it’s essentially a development of the 370Z – a two-door coupe powered by a V6 engine in the front driving the rear wheels.  I had a quick drive of one on a cold, wet night, not long enough for a full review … Read more
  • Is it ever morally right for an ICE car to park in an EV charging bay?
    Yesterday I spotted a petrol Mini parked in an EV charging bay. Was the driver right, or wrong? The default answer for EV people is ‘wrong’.  They would say that EV charging bays are for EVs to charge, and even more specifically, charge not park.  The reasons are simple; EV chargers are a scarce resource, … Read more
  • Why are different traction control calibrations needed?
    “Robert, could you please explain why different brake traction control calibrations are needed? I (perhaps incorrectly) presume that a BTC program that intervened as immediately as possible and stopped applying the free wheel’s brake as soon as it regained traction would be ideal for all off-road situations” At first sight, Brake Traction Control (BTC) has … Read more
  • JLR launch their new logo and strategy, all-electric models by 2030
    Everyone and everything needs to move with the times, and car companies are no exception. Jaguar Land Rover has looked into the future and decided it knows what it needs to do. In short; two platforms not the current nine, luxury focus, AI, tech, digital services and sustainability. Behold, the new logo: Does the little … Read more
  • Sandown Raceway – reference lap
    New to Sandown Raceway in Melbourne? Here’s a lap guide to give you a head start on your track or race day. It assumes you already know how to drive, but are new to this track. Some other useful points for Sandown:
  • A brief guide to tyre pressures
    I’ve noticed a lot of tyre pressure questions of late so here’s one article which hopefully answers them all. If missed any, comment below. WHERE DO I FIND THE RIGHT TYRE PRESSURES FOR MY VEHICLE? Your vehicle will have a tyre pressure placard on it, usually somewhere around the driver’s door jamb.  It will specify … Read more
  • Ford Everest Gen 1, Gen 2 and parkbrakes on a hill
    Back in 2017 I tested a Ford Everest and as part of my testing put it on a hill. What I found was extremely interesting and not something I’d ever seen before. You can see what the problem was, and an explanation in the video below: Here’s a little more context to the video. Modern … Read more