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What I believe in

I’m known for detailed, technically accurate automotive journalism. I believe that:

  • car journalists should do, not just write.
  • if you don’t understand it, don’t write about it.
  • theory underpins practical performance.
  • Not everyone wants detail, but not enough people appreciate what I do to motivate me to keep on doing it.
  • A good review is balanced.
  • Driver training is a fundamental part of road, and recreational motorsport safety.
  • Offroad driving can be environmentally responsible.

Right now, things that concern me:

  • 4X4s over-rated for towing, combined with overweight caravans.
  • The trend to taking more, and heavier gear in 4X4s.
  • Advanced safety aids actually eroding safety as drivers
  • Losing the fun of cars as technology develops.
  • The environmental impact of cars.

Things that interest me:

  • The evolution of the car – can’t wait for the new electric 4X4s!
  • How things work.
  • Techniques.
  • Exploring the world.
  • Adrenalin rushes.
  • Anything with wings, wheels or sails!
I don’t claim to be perfect, but I at least get to write about my mistakes!