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Electric vehicle realities & myths

Many people are have a negative view of EVs based on incorrect, or outdated information. Conversely, some pro-EV people will take any fact or viewpoint that isn’t absolutely pro-EV and try and argue it away whilst claiming if only we all drove EVs the world’s problems would be solved, and any problems with a move […]

Is a narrow or wide tyre best for a 4×4?

Tyres are always difficult to select because there’s so much choice and offroaders need tyres to perform in a wide variety of terrains. There’s a lot to decide; profile, tread pattern, construction and more…but in this post let’s talk about whether you should go for a narrow or wide tyre of the same diameter. The […]

Why do you need a long-range fuel tank?

Australia is a big country, so offroad tourers need to spend a long time away from a servo and that’s not something which is well understood by those who haven’t done it. Let’s take Ford’s popular Ranger PX3, with an 80L fuel tank. The official fuel consumption figures are 8.4L/100km for the urban cycle, 6.8 […]

INEOS AsiaPac chief talks all thing Grenadier

Development of the INEOS Grenadier is complete, and owners are being asked for deposits. So I thought it’d be a good time to talk to Justin Hocevar, INEOS’s AsiaPacific chief, about INEOS, the Grenadier and plans for Australia. Here’s the chapter list from the video: 00:00 introduction to Grenadier, Justin 03:15 Target market for INEOS […]

Offset and track myths

Many people are going to change the wheels on their car either for performance or looks. Here’s some reasons: fitting of wider tyres (mostly a benefit to roadcars) lighter weight (e.g. forged vs cast) lower or higher profile; 4x4s typically go higher profile eg 17s over 20s looks cost – OEM wheels are really expensive […]

Fuso Canter 4×4 vs Ford Ranger

Run out of space or payload on your 4×4 ute or wagon? How about a light truck? I took a test drive in “Wombat”, Getabout Training‘s Fuso Canter FGB71 4X4 which boasts a tray length of 3.4m vs the Ranger’s 1.8m, and a payload of around 2500kg compared to the Ranger’s 950kg. Sound good? It […]