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Lotus-related YouTube channels

Own a Lotus, and looking for YouTube coverage for Elise, Exige, Evora, Emira and more? Here’s a list of channels where the focus is entirely, or partially Lotus. One-off reviews don’t count, the channel has to have some sort of ongoing Lotus focus with current and future content. Got any more? Comment or contact! Channel […]

Offset and track myths

Many people are going to change the wheels on their car either for performance or looks. Here’s some reasons: fitting of wider tyres (mostly a benefit to roadcars) lighter weight (e.g. forged vs cast) lower or higher profile; 4x4s typically go higher profile eg 17s over 20s looks cost – OEM wheels are really expensive […]

I was wrong and how I fixed it

There are two reason I am a journalist. The first is because I enjoy figuring out how things work, then explaining them so others can understand, all in the name of safety – be that towing, 4x4s, recovery, or fast cars. All those pursuits have inherent risk. I believe a solid understanding of how things […]

Racetrack Mistakes

There’s plenty of mistakes made on racetracks, and they can end up rather expensive or painful. So I’m analysing a few in the hope of helping myself, and others not make those same mistakes again! 1. Lotus Elise Oversteer The first one is one of my own. What mistake was made to enter an oversteer […]

How to share the track on a trackday

There are many resources in life that we must share. So it’s best for all, safest and most efficient, if we all cooperate. And that’s definitely true of track driving. Unfortuantely, there is often some selfish behaviour by some drivers. And in fairness, new drivers may not understand how to share. There’s also a bit […]