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Guest speaking

I regularly do guest speaker slots either in person, or over Zoom for audiences small and large. I’ve written this page to answer the usual questions:

What do you speak on?

Anything I have knowledge of. Popular topics include:

  • Winching and pulley techniques (with live demo)
  • The Future of 4X4s including EVs
  • New 4×4 recovery systems
  • Towing dynamics, weights, techniques
  • 4×4 traction systems
  • Sports car dynamics, driving techniques
  • Automotive journalism
  • Photography

My talks tend to be very interactive. I also do general Q&A where the audience just fires off questions. That’s always good fun. I think my record for return invites is the Range Rover Club and the number is about four so far.

What do you charge?

Nothing usually. But for big events like trade shows where I’m doing days of work and it’s commercial, there may be a fee.

Where do you speak?

Anywhere in Australia depending on what’s going on…I’ll travel a long way depending on the event, but I’m Melbourne-based.

How long do you need?

I’ll fit into whatever timeframe is needed. Generally I work on 25 minutes to speak and 15-20 minutes for questions. I have done 90 minutes many times, the questions just kept coming, but a break is good after 45 minutes!

What do you need?

Minimum – nothing, I’ve done talks in literal fields. Ideally, a projector plus screen, power supply for my laptop, and if possible, a whiteboard and markers so I can draw ad-hoc diagrams. Also coffee 🙂

Do you have a bio?

Robert Pepper is an independent automotive journalist specialising in 4x4s, camping, towing, fast cars and tech. Robert’s mission is to make these high-risk activities safer through education informed by his own experience, as well as a commitment to inclusivity. He has written four books and hundreds of articles for outlets in Australia and around the world, and designed and delivered driver training courses in all aspects of offroading, towing and car control. In order to maintain independence Robert’s current outlet is his own YouTube channel and website.

How do we contact you?

Use the contact form or message on my Facebook page.

Do you have any photos?

Here’s some of me, and my logos.