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The Project’s caravan sway video

The Project has tackled the problem of caravan sway in this video: It’s great to see that the problem is getting national media attention! Unfortunately, some of the advice in the video is not just wrong, but potentially deadly. So, I’d like the video to be deleted, and remade with the correct advice (this is […]

Are EV 4X4s really going to ruin the weekend?

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here now and rapidly gathering pace. Today, EVs are absolutely a viable alternative to ICE (internal combustion engine, petrol/diesel) cars for daily-driving suburban duties. They’re safe, low to almost zero maintenance, easy to drive, don’t need warming up and there’s far more daily-drive range than the average Aussie needs. […]

ECU tuning – a pro tuner’s honest view

Modern vehicles have lots and lots of computers controlling every part of the vehicle’s systems and operation. And these computers have software which can be modified, and that changes the vehicle – power, efficiency, driveability and much more. Sounds good, right? Well, this is life and there’s no upside that doesn’t also have a downside. […]