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Automotive journalist specialising in 4X4s, sportscars, camping and future tech.

Is a rear locker any good in sand for towing?

Reader question: “Hi Robert, I hope you don’t mind me asking a direct one on one question. I have a 2016 200 and tow on sand quite a bit. ABH, that kind of thing. I have generally been very happy with the traction control but feel the one situation where it lets me down is […]

Should I take a camper trailer into the Victorian High Country?

Question from a reader: Hi Robert, I appreciate your informative Youtube videos and appreciate your approach to explaining things. I am looking a purchasing an offroad trailer, with most of my 4wding is in the Vic high country I would like your advise on how (or to avoid it altogether) to deal with tricky situations […]

I borrowed a kelpie

I’ve always loved dogs for all the usual reasons; their unconditional devotion, companionship, giving you a sense of purpose. But owning one? There’s a problem. A dog is a huge, huge 15-year commitment, but also a lifestyle change. I live mostly alone, so there’s nobody to share the load and I travel a lot, plus […]

Let’s try and understand Land Rover and Jeep owners

This dates back from 2005, but I think it’s still valid today. Most of us decide on a vehicle, and use it.  Sure, if you do well with a particular brand you’d be inclined to look for vehicles from the same manufacturer, but you wouldn’t necessarily stick with them, or start a small collection. That’s […]

Manual cars of all types are dying out, and that’s tragic…isn’t it?

Can car lovers learn to live without manuals? How much fun would golf be if you just loaded a ball into a gun, pressed the trigger, and the ball was shot out of the gun towards the green at exactly the right velocity? And why do people sail boats, when they could far more easily just […]

Why is the Queensland government looking into engine immobiliser technology?

The ARMA sent me a link to an announcement by the Queensland Government that it would be setting up a committee to “inquire and report on vehicle safety, standards and technology, including engine immobiliser technology.” The terms of reference are below, and there’s some good and potentially bad news: So let’s take a look: a. […]

Why didn’t I measure the return force?

Many people have watched my video on Pulley Efficiency where I figure out just how much energy is lost on snatch blocks and snatch rings: And there’s one question which keeps coming up, so I’m answering it here in a blog post. And that is: Why didn’t you just attach the second loadcell to the […]

When I sold my Defender

This is the sad story of the sale of one of the finest vehicles I’ve owned, or that anyone could own for that matter.  Of course, that would be a Land Rover Defender 110.  I say ‘sale’, but while money changed hands, I don’t like to think of it as a sale any more than […]

Why is aftermarket gear priced differently from country to country?

One of my favourite “but why” questions about the automotive aftermarket industry was the “they don’t like my car” theory – that there weren’t any, or many accessories for some niche vehicle or other, such as the Kia Sportage. The short answer is that something like a bullbar, long-range tank or suspension kit takes a […]

Land Rover Discovery 2 ute conversion

From the archives of 2011… Utes have come a long way in recent years, with improved comfort, ride, handling and all-round performance. Even the bodies look new and stylish, but if you look beyond the panelwork the current crop of utes are very similar – and a long way behind the technical advancement of the […]