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Yankum Offset Snatch Ring Review

I’ve reviewed Yankum’s Offset Ring and you can find the video at end of this post. Here I’m going to address clarifications and additions. Making a tech video is hard work and while I try and cover everything, sometimes I miss points or realise things could have been clearer. As I write this, over 4500 people, some very experienced, have watched the Yankum review video and made some good points which I’ll address here and update as required:

Bend radius

As I described in this video the minimum bend radius for a moving rope is around 7x rope diameter. The Yankum through rig does not meet this criteria for most 4×4 ropes. However, neither do some snatch rings, for example the Factor 55 which is why it is one of the least efficient rings. This was not a Yankum claim so I didn’t examine it, but should have mentioned it. Note that the static bend radius, e.g. for a soft shackle on a symmetrical ring, can be 2x rope diameter.

Wear on shackle vs rope

One commenter said that the wear is distributed over the winch rope quite widely whereas it is concentrated on the soft shackle. This is true, however I still think soft shackles are easy and cheap to replace, and last a long time. I’m more concerned about grit in and on the ring itself, so my preference remains a symmetrical ring with a soft shackle rubbing not the winch rope.

Twists and touching

Some have said “just undo the car end and turn” which might have worked. But even if it did, then often when you winch the car’s angle changes and that introduces another twist. It also would not have helped the location of the soft shackle knot.

Overstressing gear

The two-vehicles-one-ring rig has the potential to overstress gear. However, any winch rig or any recovery has the potential to overstress something, although the risk goes up with 2:1, 3:1 etc. The way to avoid this is to calculate your recovery loads and be very, very careful, and reduce recovery loads eg by digging, using recovery ramps.

Cow hitch union

I didn’t tie it right; I wasn’t overly fussed as that wasn’t going to be used for a real pull, but should have done it right and I was rushing after the cat ruined a few takes 🙂

Damage to ring, or damage to rope

My two Yankums have not had their coating damaged. However, Matt from https://www.youtube.com/@OffRoadRecoveryLLC says his Yankums have been damaged and sent me these, which does look like ring coating damage. Interested to hear from others. It is possible my Yankums are newer. As symmetrical rings rotate with the winch rope it is unlikely you’ll see this problem with that design.

Winch drum length with “one rope”

Some commenters pointed out that in the following diagram your winch drum would fill up before you travel the length of the green arrow.

This is correct, assuming you carry the maximum winch rope on your drum. I don’t for example; I run less than 20m because I often winch at high fleet angles, and less rope means the winch operates at higher efficiency. So, I could put another 15m on or so. Regardless, I should have been clearer about this. The ‘one-rope’ concept is still useful though, but not to my mind, useful enough to justify the Offset Rings.

The Offset Ring Review

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