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Media & retailers

This page is for retailers of The 4WD Handbook and media.

If you retail the book and wish to be added to the Where to Buy page then contact me.  If you are a small-volume reseller eg a 4WD club, mechanical workshop then more information on sales can be found on the Resellers page.

This page contains:

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Text to use to describe The 4WD Handbook on your site, feel free to copy and paste. More details on the About the Book page.

NOTE: Unfortunately, an early description of The 4WD Handbook was partially incorrect. The book does not and was never intended to cover maintenance, vehicle selection or survival and all information is current as of 2010, not 2009. Please use the descriptions below instead.

4WD Handbook: short description

The world’s most comprehensive book on 4X4 driving techniques. www.4wdhandbook.com.

4WD Handbook: medium description

All a driver needs to know about how 4X4s work and how to drive them on any terrain. The books has comprehensive but clear explanations of 4X4 systems such as drivetrains, suspension, wheels and electronic systems and to provide a basis for the extensive driving technique chapters which cover all the usual terrains such as mud, sand, rocks and snow but also driving with trailers offroad, long-distance driving and driving softroaders. There’s also chapters on recovery and vehicle setup. www.4wdhandbook.com.

4WD Handbook: long Description

This comprehensive book covers everything a driver needs to know about how 4X4s work and how to drive them on any terrain. The book is split into four sections:

What is a 4X4 and how it works

The fundamentals of how 4X4s work; required knowledge for the driving techniques and recovery chapters, covering drivetrain systems, wheels and tyres, electronic driving aids and suspension.

Driving Techniques

The usual terrains are covered such as mud, sand, rocks and snow but there’s also chapters on offroad trailer driving, softroaders, long-distance driving and forest driving.


Recovery loads, recovery processes and chapters on just about every type of recovery tool there is.

Going Touring

How to set your vehicle up for offroad touring with modifications and accessories, choosing a 4X4, and how to get started with your first adventure.



Title The 4WD Handbook
The complete guide to how 4WDs work and how to drive them offroad
ISBN ISBN-1  978-1-922131-58-4
Author Robert Pepper
Publisher Woodslane / Boiling Billy
Publication date 2010, revised in 2012, second edition 2014
Revisions Refer to the Versions page
Pages 523
RRP AU $ 44.95NZ $ 54.95
Other Full colour illustrations throughoutSize 220 x 195 mm
Website www.4wdhandbook.com

Book cover image

There is also an Ironman version of the book – refer to the Versions page for more details.