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How you can help & Patreon benefits for L2SFBC

Many people appreciate my work, and that’s what keeps me going. Often they want to help, so if that’s you, here’s some ideas:

Patreon – direct cash support which I use for funding research, trips and gear. patreon.com/L2SFBC

Current benefits:

  • 10% off training courses at Getabout 4X4 and Tow-Ed
  • Discount at a247 (contact me via Patreon to get the code) – this gives $25 off when the spend is AUD $250 or more. It’s a fixed amount not a percentage.
  • Periodic group Zoom calls – these calls are general video chats between my Patrons, and where I can I answer questions. Turns out my Patrons are good at helping each other and have many common interests! Usually one per month for as long as they go for, which is around one to two hours. Requirement is video on and full name please.
  • 1 on 1 direct support for questions and queries.

Will add more to this list when I can.

Shopping – anyone can use the code L2SFBC10 at a247 for $10 off when spending $100 or more. See above for additional Patreon discount.

Sharing – share the videos, blog posts, but add your own commentary.

Likes and comments – even Liking and commenting on a video helps. Any form of engagement with content is picked up by the social media algorithims.