Robert Pepper is a freelance motoring journalist, author, photographer and driver trainer based in Melbourne, specialising in offroad vehicles.

His first book, GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia, was initally published in 2002 and republished for a second edition.The 4WD Handbook is his second book, first published in 2010, revised in 2012 and now into its second edition in 2014. The companion 4WD Glovebox Guide has been adopted as a student handout by several offroad driver training organisations and is into its second edition.  Robert has had over 600 articles published in 25 magazines and newspapers in Australia and around the world, has judged magazine 4WDOTY annual awards, has been Australian correspondent for overseas magazines and has edited the 4X4 Gear Guide.  He is also part-owner of the website Practical Motoring.


Robert is closely involved in the 4WD club movement at several levels, from leading trips ranging from day journeys to outback treks, organsing events such as abandoned vehicle recovery days and helping form responses to industry and government changes affecting offroaders.  He won the Cruiserkhana precision offroad driving competition in 2013, placing first overall and first in class.

Robert is also a senior instructor with 4WD Victoria, has rewritten the basic training course, created a towing course and an advanced vehicles course from scratch. He also trains commercially, having been on both sides of manufacturer demonstration days. Robert has also conducted training on navigation, photography and vehicle dynamics, teaches instructors how to teach, has competed in the Outback Challenge and other winch competitions, has run part of the Pajero Challenge navigation exercise and has been a guest speaker at many club meetings, expositions and events on various topics.  Robert also instructs novice trackday drivers in sportscars, and has carried out product tests on behalf of aftermarket companies.

Prior to his involvement in offroading Robert was a private pilot with an interest in aerobatics and a gliding instructor qualified in the UK and New Zealand, and he enjoys most things with wings, wheels or sails.  Aside from offroading Robert also owns a Toyota 86 with which he competes in autokhanas, motorkhanas and enjoys track days, and a Nissan Pulsar which he uses to compete in the local state racecar championship; results so far a win, pole and two lap records in his first year. He recently published an ebook.

Notable journalism results:

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What I do


  • Product tests — vehicles, GPS kit, technology, camping equipment, vehicle accessories
  • Travel
  • Technical articles — anything from electronic driving aids, differentials, suspension, how GPS works, driving techniques
  • Monthly columns, opinion writing
  • Interviews, reportage, events


  • Vehicles
  • Offroading, 4WD, travel
  • Large stock library


  • Offroad driver training
  • Map, GPS, navigation consultancy



My work has appeared in the following magazines across Australia, the UK, USA and France.  Some reprints can be found on the Magazine reprints page.

Australian publicationsInternational publications
  • Overlander 4WD
  • Adventure Gear Guide
  • On The Road Magazine
  • Great Walks
  • Adventure Journal
  • Outdoor
  • Go Camping
  • Australian Dirt Bike
  • 4WD Monthly
  • Truck’n’Trailer
  • Modern Boating
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Trackwatch
  • OUThere
  • Practical Motoring
  • 4X4 Australia
  • Unsealed 4X4
  • Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures
  • The 4X4 Gear Guide
  • RV Daily
  • Land Rover World
  • 4X4 Magazine
  • Overland Journal
  • Univers Land
  • Land Rover Monthly
  • Rovers Magazine



Various books on motoring subjects – see more on this site!


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Some magazine covers where I have provided the primary image.

Land Rover World, September 2010
4X4 Magazine, June 2010



Overlander 4WD, April 2006




Trackwatch, Autumn 2007

Land Rover World, September 2011
 Trackwatch, August 2011
 Land Rover World, Feburary 2012
 4X4 Magazine, March 2012
Land Rover World, April 2012
 Trackwatch, winter 2007



4X4 Magazine, November 2012
4X4 Magazine, September 2014
4X4 Gear, Q4 2014
4X4 Gear, Q1 2015



4X4 Gear, Q2 2015

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