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Automotive journalist specialising in 4X4s, sportscars, camping and future tech.

Lotus-related YouTube channels

Own a Lotus, and looking for YouTube coverage for Elise, Exige, Evora, Emira and more? Here’s a list of channels where the focus is entirely, or partially Lotus. One-off reviews don’t count, the channel has to have some sort of ongoing Lotus focus with current and future content. Got any more? Comment or contact! Channel […]

All about electric vehicle fires

Electric vehicles are taking over the automotive world, and much will change as a result. New ways of owning and operating a car, new thinking, new habits. And new risks. Almost anything can catch fire, including vehicles whether they are propelled by petrol, diesel, or electricity. But what are the actual risks with EV fires? […]

Is a narrow or wide tyre best for a 4×4?

Tyres are always difficult to select because there’s so much choice and offroaders need tyres to perform in a wide variety of terrains. There’s a lot to decide; profile, tread pattern, construction and more…but in this post let’s talk about whether you should go for a narrow or wide tyre of the same diameter. The […]

What effect does electric-vehicle regen braking have when you’re hotlapping on a racetrack?

One of my readers watched the Porsche 911 Track Mistakes video: and posed this question: Nice video! It brings up an interesting question for EVs. I have a Tesla EV and wondering about leaving regen on when on a track. It is essentially like engine braking and activates as soon as you let off the […]

Drop hitch failure leads to death during 4×4 recovery

Sadly, again someone has lost their life during a 4×4 recovery. I do not know the person but my heart goes out to all concerned. Yet every time this happens, we need to look at the cause and publicise what to do, and what not to do, so nobody else dies or is injured. UPDATE: […]

Why I said no to UNILAD/LADBible Tech for my YouTube content

Today I got this Facebook message: Hey there, my name is X. I’ve come across a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeEEC5eVNCk&ab_channel=L2SFBC-RobertPepper-autojourno We would love to feature it on our UNILAD Tech platforms with full credit back to yourself. If this is something you would like us to feature on our platforms can you submit the video through: www.ladbiblegroup.com/permissions/video […]

INEOS Grenadier owners save $$$$ by not paying LCT

Luxury Car Tax (LCT) is designed to levy an extra tax on those people who buy luxury vehicles; the idea being that you don’t “need” a car that expensive and if you really want one, then you’ll pay extra tax for the priviledge. This kind of makes sense if you want say a BMW 5 […]

Australia’s governments move decisively towards electric vehicles

In the last couple of days two of Australia’s state and territory governments have made major policy announcements: ACT Bans sale of fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2035, target of 80-90% zero-emission by 2030. To be clear, this is the sale of new vehicles; you won’t need to trade in your current ICE car. It hasn’t been […]

10 signs you’re travelling with a bad driver

A bad driver is usually defined as ‘not me’, but in reality it might well be you… Before anyone claims to be a good, or even a bad driver we need to define what sort of driving we’re talking about. It is entirely possible for someone to be a good racecar driver yet bad on […]

Why Australia should have a national towing licence

Crash after crash. “People can’t tow.” Well you know what? We’re not born with the ability to drive, let alone tow. Now you may have been lucky to have learned about cars and towing by osmosis since you were a nipper, but that’s hardly the case for everyone, and my experience of such people is […]