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Automotive journalist specialising in 4X4s, sportscars, camping and future tech.

Have you learned to drive in the last ten years? You may not know this.

So there you are, driving your car, cruising along a suburban street, minding your own business. Ahead is another car, a car with a yellow L plate on the back. You approach a traffic light and it turns red, so the learner stops, and so you do. Nothing unusual, just a momentary pause. The light […]

Camping weight with a big family – reader question

A reader watched my video on camping weights and asked this: Hi Robert. Thanks for such a comprehensive breakdown. Hope you’ve got your thinking cap on and bevvy! One thing I didn’t see was a clothing weight? What did you allocate each person? Our winter clothes bag weighs about 6kg per person for a 5 […]

Electric vehicle realities

I’ve just published two videos on electric vehicles after my latest test of a Kona for ten days, following on from previous EV tests, and doing a lot of research in the process. I’ve found there’s a lot of misconceptions, with many people predisposed to take a negative view of EVs based on Old Mate […]

Tesla Plaid sets an EV record at the Nurburgring – compared to Porsche Taycan and BMW M5

So Telsa has set an electric-vehicle lap record at the Nurburging of 7m 35sec, which apparently beats the Porsche Taycan’s 7m 42s. However, the Tesla was a proper, observed lap record attempt. Porsche just cracked out a lap so it’s valid, but unofficial; could they do better if they decided to go for a record? […]

The UK is scrapping its towing license test

Ever since 1st January 1997 you’ve needed a license to tow heavy trailers in the UK. But no longer. The UK uses the term “MAM”, Maximum Authorised Mass – this is the total mass of the towcar and trailer, equivalent to the GCM in Australia. The current UK law is that you need a license […]

Next-gen T7 Ford Ranger on the way

Ford has released a video about what they call NextGenRanger on the new T7 platform. The current Ranger is on the T6 platform and was first released in 2011, working through PX, PX2 and current PX3 versions. So the T7 is a new design, but how new we don’t know…but it won’t be long to […]

How and why – change your car’s badge colour

The little things count. Sometimes a car is changed, you look at it and think “that’s better” but you can’t pin down exactly what changed or how. In that case it’s probably tiny little changes that you don’t notice invidually, but do change the overall look. An example is badges – you can delete them, […]

19,000 electric Atlis utes are coming to Australia

Atlis Motor Vehicles is a USA-based startup dedicated to creating a range of fully-electric, ulitity, working vehicles. The specs are impressive – indiviudal wheel drive (IWD), four-wheel-steer, independent air suspension with 300mm+ of ground clearance, 447kW /1627Nm motor, GVM of around 9000kg, towing of 16,000kg (gooseneck), range of up to 800km and a 0-100% recharge […]

Dependency on big tech platforms is a risk for all content creators

Back in the day when print and paper ruled the world there was a simple supply chain. Your media company created words and images, then used printers, distributors, newsagents and other outlets to deliver magazines to readers. All those parts of the chain were hidden from readers, and there were alternatives; it was possible to […]

One technique you need as you teach learners to drive manual cars

Driving is a massively complex task, especially a manual. Even to get into a car and pull away requires a lot of knowledge and skill; how to sit correctly in the car, insert a key (or press a button) to start the engine, select a gear, release the parkbrake, coordinate clutch and accelerator, even knowing […]