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Why I said no to UNILAD/LADBible Tech for my YouTube content

Today I got this Facebook message: Hey there, my name is X. I’ve come across a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeEEC5eVNCk&ab_channel=L2SFBC-RobertPepper-autojourno We would love to feature it on our UNILAD Tech platforms with full credit back to yourself. If this is something you would like us to feature on our platforms can you submit the video through: www.ladbiblegroup.com/permissions/video […]

I was wrong and how I fixed it

There are two reason I am a journalist. The first is because I enjoy figuring out how things work, then explaining them so others can understand, all in the name of safety – be that towing, 4x4s, recovery, or fast cars. All those pursuits have inherent risk. I believe a solid understanding of how things […]

Why would you write that comment?

When you’re offroading, you need gear that works and doesn’t break – in other words, quality. But not all gear is good quality, which leads to problems out in the bush. SoI posted this on my Facebook page. It shows some Maxtrax with some cheap copies. The cheapies are broken, shattered on first use. The […]

A list of Classic Country Bookshops

I really enjoy olde-worlde, classic bookshops, the sort of shop where you browse dusty, musty, narrow corridors lined with tomes on topics you never imagined anyone would write about. A sort of serendipitous exploration of mental delight, an antidote to the filtered clickbait and emotion-tugs that is the sad addiction and mental decay of social […]

The best car movies of all time

As recommended by my readers. Can’t say I’ve seen them all though. Some aren’t movies, just short clips for example Climb Dance and Rendevous. Others aren’t about cars, but feature brilliant car scenes, such as Ronin. All will be of interest in some way to the discerning car enthusiast. The title image is from Baby […]

The story of BMS, a lost kitten

The story is now complete. 24th December, 2021, around 18:30 I had planned for a couple of quiet days in the Canunda National park camping, beachwalking, and working at the sort of beach where seagulls don’t expect chips or even humans. Leaving Mt Gambier after a supply stop I had that familiar feeling of impending […]