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What Russians think of Gaz

My first drive of the Gaz Trackmaster attracted a lot of commentary from Russians, which sent me to Google Translate to figure out what they were saying! There seemed to be a theme emerging, and one viewer posted a comment which really explained to me a lot about Russia, vehicles and Gaz. I’m reproducing it […]

Which Caravan Reversing Partnership are you?

Watching couples back a caravan together is one of my all-time favourite pastimes. You know it’s going well when the driver uses 5000rpm to move the rig three metres! So I’ve come up with a few different models for Caravan Partnership Reversing…which one are you, or maybe another? Remote Control – the spotter directs everything […]

When I sold my Defender

This is the sad story of the sale of one of the finest vehicles I’ve owned, or that anyone could own for that matter.  Of course, that would be a Land Rover Defender 110.  I say ‘sale’, but while money changed hands, I don’t like to think of it as a sale any more than […]

Automotive Journalism in 2021

From time to time someone asks me, or rants to me about the business of automotive journalism. So I’m writing this as sort of a general answer to various queries, and to let people know where I’m coming from as a journalist. Is that even the right term for what I do? I don’t mind – […]

$170 fun – Carisma MSA-1E review

Can you go wrong with a radio controlled 4X4 for $170? Radio controlled cars are a lot of fun…but sometimes that fun can wear off.  Personally, I find the high-speed cars a bit boring – they’re fun to see zoom off, but you can’t actually much other than a blur, and they need a lot […]