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The story of BMS, a lost kitten

The story is now complete. 24th December, 2021, around 18:30 I had planned for a couple of quiet days in the Canunda National park camping, beachwalking, and working at the sort of beach where seagulls don’t expect chips or even humans. Leaving Mt Gambier after a supply stop I had that familiar feeling of impending […]

Which Caravan Reversing Partnership are you?

Watching couples back a caravan together is one of my all-time favourite pastimes. You know it’s going well when the driver uses 5000rpm to move the rig three metres! So I’ve come up with a few different models for Caravan Partnership Reversing…which one are you, or maybe another? Remote Control – the spotter directs everything […]

What I’ve learned about walking kelpies

So if you’ve read the first instalment you’d know that I love dogs, kelpies in particular, but I’m not going to make the significant lifestyle change for the next 15 years or so to own one. Instead, I’m a Kelpie Fun Uncle, borrowing the dogs to do my You Yangs hike. And if you haven’t […]

I borrowed a kelpie

I’ve always loved dogs for all the usual reasons; their unconditional devotion, companionship, giving you a sense of purpose. But owning one? There’s a problem. A dog is a huge, huge 15-year commitment, but also a lifestyle change. I live mostly alone, so there’s nobody to share the load and I travel a lot, plus […]

When I sold my Defender

This is the sad story of the sale of one of the finest vehicles I’ve owned, or that anyone could own for that matter.  Of course, that would be a Land Rover Defender 110.  I say ‘sale’, but while money changed hands, I don’t like to think of it as a sale any more than […]


Wondering about your life decisions? Worry no more, just read our 4X4 Horoscopes for guidance…. Arseian – March 21  to April 19 Sell those old suspension parts in your shed. There’s a muppet waiting to hand over top dollar on Gumtree. Tornstrap – April 20 to May 20 Have faith in fellow humans. If you’re […]