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The best car movies of all time

As recommended by my readers. Can’t say I’ve seen them all though. Some aren’t movies, just short clips for example Climb Dance and Rendevous. Others aren’t about cars, but feature brilliant car scenes, such as Ronin. All will be of interest in some way to the discerning car enthusiast.

The title image is from Baby Driver and is my favourite moment in the film 🙂

American Grafitti
Baby DriverThe main character is appealing, love the Subie, but they clearly changed it to 2WD for a lot of the action which is disappointing.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Blues Brothers
BMW Short Films with Clive OwenFind them on YouTube; brilliant little mini-movies with a lot of old BMW action.
BulittThe Mustang. All you need to know.
Cannoball RunA fun movie, not to be taken seriously. The Lambo is a highlight.
Cars (Disney Pixar)
Challenger is King
Christine, The Car
Climb DanceJust amazing skill from one of the best – in car footage of Ari Vanaten going up Pikes Peak when it was dirt.
DuelSpielberg’s take on road rage, or is it ice-cool hatred?
Fast and Furious (but not F9)Suspend belief and try to enjoy the family.
Ford in Racing the Glory Years
Ford vs Ferrari
Full Custom Garage
Gone in 60 Seconds (original)
Hit and Run
Hyperdrive (Netflix)
Initial D
Love the Beast
Mad MaxAn all-time classic
Metal Skin
RendevousOne of those films where less is more, and the backstory is even more interesting. Romantics will love it.
RoninGreat action movie with one of the best car chases, ever.
Running on Empty
RushBrilliant portrayal of Lauda vs Hunt for the F1 title in the ’70s.
Smokey and the BanditAmerican humour at its best
The cars that ate Paris
The French Connection
The Italian Job (original)
The Rat Patrol
The Skid Factory
The Transporter
Vanishing Point
Wheels across a Wilderness

Worst Car Movies Ever

  • F9
  • Driven.
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