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Why modern 4x4s break the laws of robotics

The modern vehicle is an amazing feat of engineering, and an even more amazing feat of electronic and computing design.  There are sensors everywhere, for everything – wheel speeds, steering wheel angles, all over the engine, even monitors to detect how dark or wet it is.  And soon there’ll be more, fed by data over […]

The future of automotive fun

There are, broadly, three classes of offroader.  These are the driver, the builder, and the tourer.  The driver enjoys the challenge of manouvering the vehicle across difficult terrain.  The builder enjoys the challenge of creating a vehicle that can handle the terrain.  And the tourer just wants to get there and doesn’t care how. Two […]

How to choose your hobby

Bored? Want to get into something, but not sure what? Lots of people have interests, hobbies, recreations…call it what you will, activities that take up a lot of their time. Many people don’t, and they’re quite happy that way. But there’s lots of others who wish they could find something to do with their time. […]

Snakes and 4X4s

When you go bush you enter the territory of our native animals, and for a harmonious relationship it’s best to understand your environment. Are snakes feared because they are misunderstood, or misunderstood because they are feared?  The fact is that most of Australia’s 500 snakebites per year happen to professionals or people being silly, and […]

Types of north

The three main types of north are: • Magnetic North – is north as defined by a compass or the magnetic pole of the world. Magnetic north is currently somewhere in the Hudson Bay in northern Canada and is moving northwest at about 40km per year. However, do not expect it to end up in […]

6 excellent reasons not to feed wildlife

It’s so tempting to feed wild animals, but there’s many reasons why you shouldn’t. HERE ARE five reasons to simply watch wild animals from afar and not tempt them with food: 1. Animals might starve – if enough people feed wild animals then their population becomes dependent on human food. When that food source is removed […]

Why not me?

Why can’t I leave my mark? Tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors wrote on rocks, shifted nature around to make dwellings and generally acted just as they pleased. Even a couple of hundred years ago people emblazoned their initials into trees, and now we protect those engravings as precious history. But today we’re […]

Maybe I’m wrong

It’s clear the Australian fauna has been engaged in one long inter-species competition for the last several million years.  I wonder which animal started it.  Which one was the first to think that there had to be better ways of subduing prey than using sheer strength with sharp fangs and claws, ways that involved less […]

Cooking Diary, Part 0

Many years ago I left home and thus life changed.  I rented a small room in a house, and lived happily there with two brothers as joint landlords.  It was a peaceful existence, with only a few noisy moments when the younger brother entertained his girlfriend, usually a virtuoso performance amplified by the fact our […]