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The Boring (?) Reality of the Simpson Desert, for an hour.

There are plenty of videos about the Simpson Desert. If you want all the information you could ever need on the topic, refer to Stefan’s channel. If on the other hand you want to see what it’s really like, then watch this video I made.

I’ll warn you now. Nothing interesting happens compared to what you see on other channels. Nobody says awesome. Nobody says mate. In fact, you don’t even see anyone. One car has a minor bit of difficulty at the top of a dune, but that’s not very exciting. In fact, it’s actually quite dull because we do it right, and don’t get stuck, just need a bit of skill to get that car over the dune.

I do however demonstrate some driving techniques. It is always a good idea to slow down as you crest a dune as you cannot see over the crest, so you can see me doing that over this crest. And on this one again I slow, and keep the car left just in case there’s anyone coming the other way. And you will see a speed variation, sometimes quick, sometimes slow depending on the terrain.

Anyway, enjoy the dullness.

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