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Racetrack Mistakes

There’s plenty of mistakes made on racetracks, and they can end up rather expensive or painful. So I’m analysing a few in the hope of helping myself, and others not make those same mistakes again! 1. Lotus Elise Oversteer The first one is one of my own. What mistake was made to enter an oversteer […]

How to share the track on a trackday

There are many resources in life that we must share. So it’s best for all, safest and most efficient, if we all cooperate. And that’s definitely true of track driving. Unfortuantely, there is often some selfish behaviour by some drivers. And in fairness, new drivers may not understand how to share. There’s also a bit […]

ECU tuning – a pro tuner’s honest view

Modern vehicles have lots and lots of computers controlling every part of the vehicle’s systems and operation. And these computers have software which can be modified, and that changes the vehicle – power, efficiency, driveability and much more. Sounds good, right? Well, this is life and there’s no upside that doesn’t also have a downside. […]

Why “turn into the skid” is wrong

If you do any car control course, and you should if you’re into any form of motorsport of offroading, then you’ll need to learn the art and science of skid recovery. You may be told “turn into the skid” or “countersteer” or “turn out of the skid”. This isn’t wrong, but it’s not that helpful. […]

Brake traction control vs electronic stability control vs engine traction control – know your electronic traction systems

Electronic traction systems have been around for 25 or so years now, so it’s about time everyone learned how they work and what they are. The term traction control is an umbrella term used for several different, but related traction technologies. It is important to understand the differences: There is Brake Traction Control (BTC) which […]