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Hyundai Kona N track test

I like reviewing interesting vehicles. Which means offroaders, sports cars, trucks, high-tech EVs and the like. Staid family suburban runabouts bore me to tears…I’ll let the others talk about plasticky interiors, fuel economy, rear legroom and child restraints. My site is called L2SFBC. Yet here I am reviewing an SUV. This one is Hyundai’s popular […]

Electric vehicle realities

Many people are have a negative view of EVs based on incorrect, or outdated information. Conversely, some pro-EV people will take any fact or viewpoint that isn’t absolutely pro-EV and try and argue it away whilst claiming if only we all drove EVs the world’s problems would be solved, and any problems with a move […]

Lightness in action – why not for 4X4s?

Making a vehicle light is what is known as a virtuous circle. The lighter a vehicle is, the less strong the components need to be, which means they’re lighter…and that’s the circle. A lighter car needs a less powerful, and therefore heavy engine. The brakes don’t need to be as heavy-duty as there’s less energy […]