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Sandown Raceway – reference lap

New to Sandown Raceway in Melbourne? Here’s a lap guide to give you a head start on your track or race day. It assumes you already know how to drive, but are new to this track. Some other useful points for Sandown:

  • In the wet, the grip varies from corner-to-corner, so don’t assume one corner will have the grip levels of the next.
  • It’s tough on brakes, more so than any other Victorian track.
  • The nearest fuel is a short drive south of the track, the 7-Eleven where Corrigan Road intersects Princes Highway.
  • There is no cafe. The event organisers might invite a cafe truck, or they might not.
  • Toilets are either end of the pits.
  • People have been known to spin and crash….on pit exit, so take it easy!
  • Turn 6 is dangerous. The video explains why.
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